Feeding Adult Zebrafish


Adult zebrafish should be fed twice daily with a variety of foods. Do not overfeed, and note that live food (e.g. brine shrimp larvae, tubifex worms) promotes breeding. Feed an amount that will allow all fish to get some food, but will also be consumed within 5 minutes. If you wish to breed your fish, you should increase their feedings to 3 per day for at least 2 weeks. (For baby fish, see RAISING EMBRYOS.)

Food types:

  • Commercial fish flakes found in all pet stores
  • Frozen or live brine shrimp
  • Brine shrimp larvae (see instructions on can for hatching)
  • Live tubifex worms
  • Cichlid pellets (ground)
  • Hard boiled egg yolk (crumbled)

The first 5 can be purchased at any pet store which carries fish supplies. A varied diet of 2-3 different types of food works best. Alternate foods with feedings, days, or combine.