Biology Lab Exercises

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The laboratory exercises in this section were provided to us by K-12 teachers and college instructors who have used them in their classrooms and science labs. The classroom labs are included here as examples that can be adapted to individual teaching styles. They are printable, but are not formatted to be used on-line. PDF files will be added in time and some areas are still "under construction"

We welcome submission of other methods, labs, activities, exercises, and protocols suitable for K-12 use to this site. Please submit them to Jonathan Knight (

Part 1: Observations of the Cleavage Period
Part 2: Recognition of Later Embryonic Developmental Stages

What Genes Do
Fundamental Processes in Development
The Mechanisms of Early Cell Division
Comparative Embryology
Science Applied to Social Issues

                Part 1.  Set up
                Part 2.  Specific Staining of Larval Cartilages